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Staying Bothered is an action. Yes, step one is to get bothered about something, but we’re all bothered about things. What sets apart people who are staying bothered is the action of getting involved to alter the course of the issue(s) that bothers you. Involvement will mean something different to every individual, and can range from volunteering to organizing events to making donations.




In 2003, so bothered by what she saw of the education system in Siem Riep, Jamie Amelio founded Caring for Cambodia. 15 years later, after what could’ve been just another vacation, there are now 23 new schools, teacher training programs, and each year 6,500+ educated (and well fed) Cambodian children aged preschool through high school equipped with the education and basic tools they need to lift their families out of poverty.




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Jamie C. Amelio is the founder and CEO of Caring for Cambodia (CFC), a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organization that has dramatically changed the lives of more than 77,000 Cambodian children. CFC started in 2003 with the goal to provide Cambodian children education by building a school in the Siem Reap area. That initial goal of one school has grown into a mission to secure a better, brighter future for those children and so many more.

Jamie is a four-time recipient of the prestigious Golden Hand Service Award (2014, 2012, 2010, 2005), bestowed by the Cambodian government to those who give outstanding service to the Cambodian community. She received the award for Outstanding Community Leader in 2015 and the Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2011 from the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce and was named as a 2010 Classic Woman of the Year by Traditional Home Magazine.

Jamie is no stranger to helping children and was a dedicated volunteer long before beginning the CFC journey. She served on the board of directors of “Vistas for Children” in Los Angeles and founded “Junior Vistas for Children.” She serves on board CLASS (Community Leaders Advocating Student Success) and is a member of the “Leader for Life” committee for the Lake Travis School District in Austin, Texas.

Jamie is the author of three books: Graced With Orange, an inspiring look at how one woman set out against difficult odds to change the education of an entire population; Stumpy the Crocodile, a children’s book about helping neighbors in need; and Staying Bothered, which further reflects on her TEDx Talk and her journey to keep making an impact. Jamie and her husband, Bill, lived in Asia for a decade and now make their home in Austin, Texas. They have six children, including two from Cambodia, and one grandson, all of whom understand the importance of “Being Orange” and “Staying Bothered.”