Welcome to Staying Bothered | A Note from Jamie Amelio

Welcome to the Staying Bothered website.

What is Staying Bothered? It is about finding what bothers you the most, facing it head-on, and being reinvigorated to face the challenges and obstacles that inevitably come your way.

It is also much more than that. In these tumultuous times, as people flock to their tribal corners, something else – something much more affirming and powerful – is emerging. Across the globe we see individuals finding common ground and working together on issues that unite us, rather than pull us apart. The love we feel for our children. Our families. Our nation. Our freedoms. Our belief that making the world a better place is not a cliché, but a dream that can and does come true.

And so, as we launch Staying Bothered, we dedicate this moment to a unified movement for positive change. We all know where warring minds and divisiveness lead. Balance is achieved by the strength of actions by good-hearted people. Sometimes we are moved by a story we hear on the news or by word of mouth. Often it is something that affects us personally. Rose Mallinger, the 97-year old matriarch who was murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue, was my sister-in-law’s beloved Aunt Rose. When my eldest son lived in California, every Wednesday night he would stop in at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, the site of last month’s other mass shooting.

You never know what will inspire you to stand up and say, “I am bothered and I am going to do something about it.” I am Catholic, and for the past 15 years have led an organization that builds schools in Cambodia, a Buddhist country. I live in Austin, Texas. I vote for Republicans and Democrats, focusing on the person I think has the passion to do what’s best for my city, my state, my country.

I am so grateful you have come to our website. Whatever your bother is, stay focused and continue to do something about it. Staying Bothered is a movement of untold possibilities.

Dear world, let’s be bothered together. I hope you will join us.