Staying Bothered: A New Book By Jamie Amelio

Staying Bothered: A New Book By Jamie Amelio


Most people go out of their way to avoid being bothered. Not Jamie Amelio. In this remarkable follow-up to her 2012 book Graced with Orange, Amelio turns this notion on its head, arguing that being bothered and, more importantly, staying bothered are the key ingredients needed to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Staying Bothered is the story of one woman’s quest to make the world a better place by improving the lives of its most vulnerable population―children. Amelio’s recipe for success is as revolutionary as it is simple: Fnd an issue that bothers you, tackle it head-on, and never let the anger that drew you to the cause fade away. From the education system in Cambodia to teen mental health in the U.S., Amelio never backs down from a challenge, and in the process she not only improves her life but also those of everyone around her. 

Expected to ship by March 2019.